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I do User Experience (UX) design for websites, apps, e-learning and data driven dashboards.  Have extensive experience creating UI design and visual design for digital experiences.  With a strong background creating data visualisations, infographics, reports and visual storytelling.  Even created presentations and printed materials, I’m multidisciplinary.  Just love designing, and have been doing it for over 15 years.

Clients work with me because I’m honest in my work approach and I get stuff done. With a relaxed personality, no design or idea is precious to me, my focus is to work together to find the right solution. I’ve delivered experiences with hundreds of screens for a complete product, or just a few screens for a process. The volume is irrelevant, my aim is always finding a solution that works best. To make sure it can be delivered within whatever considerations, working together as a team.

In the past I have lead a team of up to 10 designers, helping that company growth by over 500% within 3 years by delivering innovative, fresh and high quality design work.  Have also delivered projects, managing developers and clients across the entire process.  I understand what it takes to balance the user needs against a business need, to deliver for both.

My relaxed personality means I’m easy going, and helpful where ever I can me. With an adaptable work approach I focus on making useful and flexible digital experiences. Experiences that go beyond the pretty to deliver an experience that someone loves, but they don’t really know why. This is always my motivation and aim, no manner what.

Cheers, and have a fabulous day!


Product design, UX design,  UI design,  Visual design,  Graphic design,  Report design,  Presentation design,  Data visualisation,  Infographic design,  Dashboard design,  Icon design, Wireframes, User flows, Design systems, Prototyping, Illustration, User personas, User research and testing, Agile development

design skills

Adobe Creative Suite


∙  Able to lead user research and meetings

∙  Able to present user research and designs, for both development and clients

∙  Able to motivate myself to complete design related tasks


contact details

E.      |    P.  +44 (0)7765 956214    |    L.  Bristol, England, UK    |    


robin richards

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