Governor’s Cup 2010 Yachting Posters

Something that is close to my heart – the St Helena Yacht Club and the Governor’s Yacht Race.  Being from St Helena, I was heavily involved in running the yacht club and therefore organising the yacht race, which happens every 2 years from Cape Town to St Helena, and its a great family yachting race.   I would encourage you to click the links above to discover more on the yacht club and the race, it was one of the most rewarding things I ever did, and if you are interested in St Helena in general – St Helena Tourism.

For the posters I wanted to create something that reflected the emotions of the race from a St Helenian viewpoint.  So I decided to use simple shapes to reflect the yachts and simple type to carry that message.  Showing the start of the race, the middle and the end, each is trying to reflect, with its use of colour and imagery, the mood of the person during those parts of the race. What do you think? Have I done that or not. Let me know.  This is also me using a different, more illustration type based design idea, that I really enjoy, so hopefully it works.

Ripetungi GCYR Poster 1

Ripetungi GCYR Poster 2

Ripetungi GCYR Poster 3