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What makes a great infographic?

This was the question asked by Joe Chernov of Eloqua. Along with 15 other people I had the pleasant of trying to answer this in a concise and clear manner. After a couple, and then a few more revisions I settled on this:

When the visual clearly represents the contextual relationship of the data, without prejudice, to present a meaningful and informative narrative.”

I feel that unless the info is useful and tells a story, then there is little point to it.  With the perceived nature of data presentation, that when presented in a charts ‘it must be true because charts are used’ therefore it is accurate.  It is so important that the data is presented without adjusting it to fit a purpose or to support a story that is false.  Data by its nature is un-bias, therefore it should be presented as so.


In addition to my answer I have pulled out some ones from others which I enjoy…

“A quality infographic deepens a viewer’s understanding of a complex topic by clearly and concisely presenting data in an appealing visual design. At the heart of its success is the communication of a story, a point of view, or a fresh perspective. Simply regurgitating facts without a message is a sure-fire way to inform the viewer you don’t know what you are doing.”

Jeremy Victor, Founder, Make Good Media


” A great infographic isn’t about information or graphics.  A great infographic tells a meaningful story that can be consumed in an instantly digestible seating.”

Jeremiah Owyang, Partner, Altimeter Group


“A good infographic starts with a good “why” question. Even if you’re trying to prove a theory, it’s important to keep an open mind to the data you find. Looking into an issue credibly means using data sets and information from reliable sources and expressing the resulting point of view in a compelling visual story that carries the meaning to its intended audience. The aim should be to make the complex easy to access and digest. Good infographics are faithful if creative representations of serious inquiry. Great inforgraphics show us what is possible.”

Valeria Maltoni, Principal, Conversation Agent


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