How Big is the Universe?


How big is the Universe?  That’s a question I have tried to answer with this infographic poster for aimed at kids it needed to show at a glance just how big the universe really is, while getting their attention and pulling them in to view the information.  To accomplish this decided to show the different distances from the earth to selected stars, cluster systems using a clear line.  Not to scale on the central line due to the vast distances, the bottom of the poster in red you will see the distances to scale.  In which our solar system is so small, can’t really see it.


Overal wanted the poster to reflect space, with the use of black and spaces left blank. While having just enough imagery for a kid to look at and remember without being overwhelmed. Breaking the information down (because these are some very very big numbers) showing just how big the universe is. Also remembering the most important thing to kids – making it look cool.