Team Coco leaderboard

App UX, Data visualisation, Website UX

A Twitter vot- ing platform promoting the first Conan show on TBS engagingwith fans to determine the new shoes first guest.

Fans would vote via Twitter by logging in through the site, and by voting a tweet would be posted to register the vote spreading the message to increase engagement.

GUI design for the leader board.
GUI by Knight Studios for JESS3.

A different exploration using a treemap as the basic for the experience. Whereby the number of votes drives the interface.

GUI design.

Another exploration using the data to drive the interface, whereby the number of votes are displayed as bar charts allowing the user to see who is leading the voting.

Continuing the idea of allowing the data to drive the experience. In this idea the central area acts as a dial that shows voting information when the user interacts with the outer sections.

Adding the idea of play to the experience. Presenting the options as a battle between possible guest forces the user to engage in voting for one over the other.

Giving the voting totals for the guests, with the circle size reflecting the number of votes.