Soviet Era Infographics


A collection of vintage infographics from Soviet era Russia.  Based around what appears to be industrial activities (I do not speak Russian, so based this assumption on the imagery used on posters) they seem to be highlighting the growth – if anyone knows the transition do let me know.

Do love the mood of these posters with layering of imagery even if the data presentation on some is woolly at best (propagandaviz if you will) it’s an interesting look at how governments have used infographics to tell stories.


Soviet infographics poster

Rise in the national material welfare, 1961-1980

All the bar charts appear to go from 1 to 4, but all a little different heights.


Soviet infographics poster

Transformation of the socialist system into a decisive factor of world development

Do love the bottom bar chart visual (great inspiration!).


Soviet infographics poster

General perspective of USSR industrial development, 1961-1980 – production goals

A grid of charts where they all are look visualising similar but have huge differences in their values.


Soviet infographics poster

Master plan of development of the USSR’s agricultural sector, 1961-1980

Upwards and onwards to space perhaps. Do like the energy of this visual.


Soviet infographics poster

Collapse of the colonial system of imperialism

Having fun with percentages.


Soviet infographics poster

New strain on capitalism’s general crisis

Fun with circles and bars, even if the circles make sense, the bars do not.


Soviet infographics poster

General perspective of USSR industrial development, 1961-1980 – capital investment

What do the pies mean? Seriously what is it showing?


Soviet infographics poster

Rise of agricultural production, 1956-1960

Building relationship with colour and flow.  The bottom left is nice is it growth, but its opposite in top right uses similar sized bars for different values – oh dear.


Soviet infographics poster

Fighting against illegal alcohol!

Zero idea what the text says but the mixing of imagery and type  stays with you layered with the data.


Thanks to Duke University Libraries for hosting these as part of their Russian Posters Collection.