Protect All Women

Recently I worked with 59 Liberty on an infographic for Dan Kildee, who running for congress in the US.

It is a infographic that I am proud to have done, helping to spread awareness in some small way on this tragedy.  Focused on violence against Native American women in US, the visual is simple as not to distract from the facts, which truly shock and amase.  Those emotions are quickly transformed to anger.  Anger at the unknown criminals committing this violence – how this is allowed in the US (which regularly shouts about lack of women’s rights in other countries around the world) is shameful.

Done to support this petition, and to raise awareness about the reauthorisation of the “Violence Against Women Act” in the US, which would extend protection to Native American women against the on going violence, there is hope. The Senate have passed the Act, which now moves onto voting in the US House of Representatives.  If you are in the US sign the petition and support protection for all women.

Header photo by tribbles1971