Nokia 920 + Windows Phone 8

Have lived with the Nokia 920 running Windows Phone 8 for about 2 weeks (recently switching from iPhone – they just kept bolting things one,  not wanting a iOS clone, decided it was time for a complete fresh start) decided to list some things I like and some I don’t.  This is a simple list intended to share intial reactions to way I use a mobile device, not a complete review of the handset or OS.



The camera.  It’s bloody brillant, even in low light. Combined with some of Nokia apps like Cinemagraph and Smart Shoot presently rediscovering the joy of photography.

Social media integration. Having it build into the core OS experience and not an add on, makes social media communication a joy (even if pulling info from linked social accounts into contract info is a little scary, while keeping you updated about people you care for).

The apps. Seriously. A lot as been written about the limited number available, but the core apps (all you really need) are great!  Supported by some which are changing my relationship with the mobile device.  Local Scout as an example, not a new concept, but its impressively executed. Could’t find an equal in the iOS app store.

The universal back button. An unfamiliar concept for an iOS user, it makes moving about the OS a breeze – no more jumping from app to app, experience is more non-linear reflecting personal thought processes.

Nokia music. Find a mix and play – yes please. Simple and efficient audio delight.



Pinning websites. Comes in handy when for example the guardian mobile site (gorgeous in IE btw) is better than the app, but by pinning the OS takes a screen grab of the site to use for the tile.  Please can it use the favion or be able select an image, even just the name would be better.  Its a small detail but its destroying the mood and love for the OS as the start screen becomes a mess.

Lack of deep targeted social sharing. Different to the earlier point, this relates to being able to share an url with someone directly on twitter using @, then autocomplete that users name.  Not copy url, open twitter client, find @username, paste url, tweet.

Limited control. A surprising one is the limited settings control.  Its like everything has been reduced to its core, but to much has been taken away.  How to I change my “ME” photo anyone? The OS is build around me, let me change me when I like. (update. Tap in photo in ‘ME’ and select photo – thanks to @naru6705 for tip)

Battery life. Left unplugged overnight two nights in a row (changed during the day) switched itself off by morning both times.



Live tiles. Expectation was they would be more like desktop widgets, but some are more just like oversized icons  unless at the largest of 3 sizes.  Needs more work with the information feedback to become truly useful.

Music playback. Primarily the headphones.  Only play and pause control (unless am missing something) beginning to miss the iPhone playback controls from the headphone after couple of uses.  Also not updating the phone on a OSX windows phone app which is not just an iTunes clone would be a huge win.


Should say this was written by an owner of every major Apple product over the last 14 years, and user of all major Google web services who wanted a fresh digital experience.