Macy’s needs infographics

On a recent trip to New York City my girlfriend experienced what, I guess, happens to hundreds of people daily, waiting at airport baggage collection, watching bags go around and around in hope that your’s have made to across the pond – they hadn’t. The airline informed her that they would find them and forward on to the hotel.

Not knowing if or when this would happen, we decided in the spirit of Carrie Bradshaw to go shopping just in case they didn’t arrive before we left following our quick visit. Being a tourist in NYC – of to Macy’s we decided. After all it’s the biggest department store in the world, it will be like M&S on steroids I thought. We found it thanks to the massive billboards around its full city block footprint, and fought our way through a revolving door into the world of the men’s department. Not where we wanted to be, so of we set to find the women’s department. Little did I know at this point that I was about to embark on one of the worst shopping experiences of my 30 years.

With no clear signature or directions we start to explore, finding some central escalators we made our way upwards. This is where I start to realise something was a miss in this cathedral of shopping. When arriving on the first floor there was a sign telling me what was on that floor, and that floor only. Ummmm having a quick look we could see the style of clothing was not want we were looking for, up to another floor. Again a sign telling me what we on that floor only, what about the other floors! This continue for 5 more floors until we though bollocks to this, perhaps we should just wonder. Many many minutes later wondering on the 6th floor, we found a second set of escalators hidden in what looked like a cave.

Signage for each floor and the full store directory

This one had some listings of where to find different stuff. Wait, what no map, just a listing for 2 buildings – I thought I was in a single building called Macy’s. Using these listings and the hidden moving stairs we managed to find the floor we were looking for and set of wondering the block to find some clothes.

After going twice around the floor to see the lay of the land we managed to figure out where most stuff was on that floor, I had given up even thinking about the other floors. After selecting some pieces to try on, the next mission was to find the fitting rooms, once again around the block, using an eagle eye go spot the signature.

At this point we had spend more time navigating Macy’s than the rest of NYC, and I needed the toilet. Of I set to the hidden escalators. Using the listings I discover there was a restroom on the 7th floor, of I went. Following signature for the restrooms, I couldn’t find them, ending up in another women’s section. Along the way I saw signature for the Men’s Lounge, which I though was either a smoking lounge, or part of a Macy’s executive shopping area, but I thought what the hell I would follow that even if it meant signing up for something i would never use, I was getting desperate. To my surprise it was the toilet. Joy! but why the hell change from restrooms to lounge!

Macy’s was simply the single most frustrating shopping experience ever. Huge sections almost completely void of signage and those that had “signage” lacked clear direction to help shoppers navigate Macy’s labyrinth, never mind showing what was on different floors! And the Changing language on signature is ridiculous!!! Purely ridiculous.

The whole experience would have been being greatly improved by the use of infographics. We would have found what we we interested in quicker, had some time to explore some additional offerings, instead of being exhausted wondering in the hope we would find something we were looking for to the point of being willing to give up and wear the same pair of underwear for days.

Please Macy’s get some infographics.

Please find it in your wisdom to do away with the naming everything as 2 separate buildings, once inside who cares. Instead what about including a floor plan of where everything is.

Please label floors at the escalators, and entrances not only that floor, but what is on the other floors.

Please be consistent in your word usage on signature, and not change words across different types of signature.

With a store this large, we visiting tourists need some help getting around, not amusing we know where everything is or we want to wonder around 9 city blocks inside away from the city.

Macy’s needs some infographic love.

If you know someone @macys please share this will them. Thank you.

Posted on 4th October 2011, these are thoughts about