Lovely Bristol

#lovelybristol balloons

#lovelybristol is a hashtag from @HelloEmsy which relates to how lovely the city of Bristol, UK is.  Believe me it is a lovely city, and great place to live.

To celebrate Bristol I thought of creating some posters around the tag to show why I love Bristol and think of it as a lovely city.  The balloon one above it is the first poster and reason I love the city – Balloons.  Just love them!  For the posters I decide to set some rules to the creative, limiting myself to force myself away from the styles seen across the web with the use of styles and texture etc.  The rules were – 1 typeface, 2 colours, no textures, no effects.

Admittedly, some textures and effects could be added, but I want to stay away from it for this on purpose.  I did try one in color and using black just to see – which are below, although I prefer the version above.

What do you think?  If you live in Bristol – what’s lovely about the city?


Some versions