Computer Arts feature

Look ma…I’m in Computer Arts Projects!

The September issue of computer arts project rocks! Why? Because I’m in it – wink wink ;-)

No, I all seriousness – I am so excited and honoured to be in the September issue.  As the only magazine (design or otherwise) that I subscribe to, and have done for the past 2 years since I moved to the UK, I would often read it seeing all the great work and designers showcased within its pages.  Therefore, to be on a page (page 34 btw :-) ) I feel like a 5 year kid again on Christmas morning.

Here are some pics of the spread, which is a article within the “From Brief to Screen” feature section of the issue.  The project showcased within the article is for I Voted, the Foursquare election site I worked on as IDD of JESS3. It was a fun project, that turned out really well – I don’t want to say to much as the article describes it, and you really should get a copy to read – more winking :-)

Also included in this issue answering “The Big Question” is the Jesse in JESS3

A huge thanks to JESS3 making this so and Computer Arts for featuring our work.