Key Ingredients of the McDonald’s Experience


A graphic for in which I wanted to look at how the different areas are connected to create the experience we know as eating at McDonald’s – to try and look beyond just the figures of how many people they serve (47 million each day).  Have decided to post some of working files to give a little insight into how the graphic was created.  This is something which I will try and do more of with future graphics.  Welcome any thoughts on the graphic or the progress.

This is the first mock done in Illustrator. I found that working on the computer was helpful for this, because it allowed me to move words around easily. Once had drawn the circles, working out where the words connected and in which areas was key. Therefore, instead of having to rewrite everytime I could just move them around. This was the first draft of the connections.

Have working out the colors and drawing the shapes for the interlinking circles. Decided to draw individual shapes of the connections to give more control over the color. The colors are based around the McDonald’s colours.

Not being a great word smith, have I worked with Matthew Buttell, in making sure the words communicated correctly what we are trying to say. Also refined the connections between the areas, and adding pull out information, to expand on some of the areas. It helps to print out the work before finalising as you see it in a different light from on screen, and there is something very rewarding about drawing on your own work in deciding what works and what needs changing.

This is the final graphic. Added the pull out info, title and logos etc. It turned out well I think (how I saw it in my head before I started – almost), and hope it communicates the McDonald’s Experience and offers some insight into McDonald’s beyond figures involved with one of the world’s most well known companies.