Infographics in the Wild Flickr group

Am very pleased to announce the launch the “Infographics in the Wild” flickr group. It is a place for for you to submit any examples of Infographics you find out there in the wild (real world). Just add a title and location – add it to the group, and you’re done.

This group is a collaboration between myself and Randy Krum of, which came about following my post of “infographics in the wild” which I thought were fun and had been collecting for a while.

What if other people were collecting also? Randy suggested lets start a group where anyone could sumbit, and hopefully build the largest resource on the net for Infographics out there in the world.

For that we need your help, please submit any Infographics you find in the wild here.

The best ones, funny, incorrect, brilliant whatever it be will be featured over time.

Thank you and look forward to seeing your photos.

Some examples some myself: