Infographics in the wild #2

Edition #2 of Infographics in the wild.  Examples found over the last few moths, some unexpected, some not so good, and some that try, but don’t quite make it.


The display of a vintage scale found at M-Shed in Bristol.  Must admit not sure how the dial works as it is using “old money” and a imperial scale which is a foreign language to me.

Inside of a freezer door.  Simple visual communication taking advantage of an offen neglected area – the back of a door.

Staying on the food trend, these are instructions for making oats/porridge.  Printed on the packaging it proves that porridge is easy and quick to make, has helped change my breakfast habits.

Another food related infographic, showing how to make green tea.  The 2-3 minutes on the end is all important to making a good cuppa.

Pie – the kitchen time from Joseph Joseph is a little slide of infographic heaven in the kitchen.  Simply turn the top of the pie to the desired time and way for the ring as it counts down.

Swiss efficiency on display in Zurich tamps.   Shows you every stop and the time to that stop all along the route.

Spotted outside of a DIY store in the UK, sign seems more about the things you shouldn’t do with a trolley vs finding the right trolley for your needs.  The imagery dominates the text so much so that I still wasn’t sure what trolley suited my needs, but I did learn it wasn’t cool to ride a trolley – shame.

A giant dual use infographic at London Luton airport.  Used as advertising – showcasing what the airport offers, and as a information point informing a vistor of how to get into central London.

A personal favourite – spotted inside a lift (elevator) measures and indicates the weight of the people inside the lift. Unexpected but fun addition to a lift ride.


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