I Voted

Website UX

Work done as Information Design Director at JESS3

For the 2010 US election Foursquare wanted to show all the polling stations around the US along with the number of checkins via foursquare at those locations.

To meet this goal used a data driven map experience.  Whereby the locations and checkins are shown on the map, balanced with the activity throughout the day at the bottom of the map.

A custom map was used which worked over different zoom levels. The user can zoom to state level and view the locations name, number of checkins and the gender breakdown related to that location. Users could also zoom out to street level to view polling stations within their area, (encouraging people to get out and vote) or their could enter their address.

Building out the experience to capture and show activity during the election day. Sharing interesting stories from people around the US.

A further part of the experience was to connect users with voting organisations to encourage preparation.

The finished GUI for the experience. Showing the custom map used, while reflecting the Foursquare brand.

GUI design by Knight Studios.

The activity stream.

An earlier wireframe looking at keeping the entire experience on the map. Showing the different time zones and using a heat map to reflect the volume of activity across the country.

This direction while containing the full experience on the map, the story of the day as not as clear as separating elements out.

Exploring more of a dashboard feel to the experience. While meeting the project goals the story is disconnected and not as clear in getting users out to vote.